From the recording Burnt Tongue

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Fire Out Of Ash

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the road ahead is coming and her smiling
my hands upon her shoulders from the back
like I could protect her but I can’t
like I could make a fire out of ash

but there ain’t no way of stopping and she knows it
the rope that pulls her forward has no slack
where she goes I would follow but I can’t
if only I could make a fire out of ash

if I if I if I could make a fire

I’d burn it bright within her to warm her
set her fate asunder and take her home
the way she’d blaze her own way in the pass
when she would make a fire
she’d make a fire she’d make a fire

but the night is almost over now
and the coals barely glow
in the hiss of fire burning out
we know we know
that you are within me
and not alone