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04 Achilles' Heel

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all the Kerouacs
all the siren songs
all the Don’t Look Backs
all the nights too long
I forget the most but not them all
ain’t it funny how the only way
to get to love is to fall
oh my oh my my
doctor will it heal
the black and the blue
of this recurring bruise
cursing my achilles’ heel

got it from running like time
always running away
nothing and no one was mine
had no reason to stay
running round as a wheel
running straight down the hill
and if it had no bottom
then I bet I’d be running there still
oh my oh my my
is there a way to feel
like being in love
without giving up
the strength of my achilles’ heel

sometimes a stranger comes across your path
holding a candle to the hourglass
stopping you in your tracks long enough to catch
a glimpse of what you rushed passed
and a spark of what could last

when she came around
I was on my way
held her empty cup out
said tell me don’t I know your name
we bellied to the bar
sat down in the booth
she pulled back her bow
struck me with the truth
oh my oh my my
now there’s nothing left to shield
and I’m holding her kiss
over what I might miss
and resting my achilles’ heel