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Three Chords & The Truth

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Ian Fisher - lead vocals / guitar
Rene Mühlberger - arp2600 synth / backing vocals
Ryan Thomas Carpenter - piano
Ida Wenøe - backing vocals


they say that a song is just three chords and the truth
I’ve been up all night trying to write about anything but you
I’ve made exceptions sometime when I tried
but a song ain’t no good when it’s based on a lie
and I play more than three chords and I can’t deny
that I loved you and you’re still in each song I write
with my back against the wall… trying hard not to fall
but art is just something we use to decorate space
I’ve been using it lately to say what I can’t to your face
I made a living writing you in a line
the music we use to decorate time
is the only peace in this world I find
and what gets me through these lonesome nights
with my back against the wall… trying hard not to fall
my back against the wall my back against the wall
tried to build my life around yours like building a house
had the schedules and blueprints and plans all laid out
then it fell apart and I’m finding out how
live’s a lot more like gardening now
how it changes and grows and then goes through droughts
like the way we moved from bliss to doubt
with my back against the wall…