1. AAA Station

From the recording American Standards

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AAA Station

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Ian Fisher - lead vocals
Rene Mühlberger - guitar / whistle
Ryan Thomas Carpenter - keys
Andreas Laudwein - bass
Camillo Jenny - drums / percussion
Ollie Samland - pedal steel guitar


on an endless drive through the end-times of America
scanning through evangelists on the dial static
gotta keep your eyes on what’s ahead of you
somewhere out of nowhere I caught a familiar voice for awhile
coming in clear
AAA Station on the air tonight
AAA Station take me for a ride
AAA Station play what I don’t know
AAA Station won’t you save my soul
reckless I am in need of direction
I’ve just been playing reflection with everybody I meet
hard to know who you are when you don’t do
things that can help you get through to
a person that you’re trying to be
AAA Station don’t play the hits
AAA Station don’t give two shits
AAA Station play me something old
AAA Station won’t you take me home
AAA Station… tell me what to do
girl who found me and took me home to
a life I’d never known you’re still everything I want you to be
hard enough loving someone when you’re there
harder when you’re not there
and it’s hardest when you’re somewhere in between
but sometimes you can clear your head
with a couple of months in a touring band
but sometimes only a stranger’s song will do
AAA Station… coming in and it’s loud and it’s clear
AAA Station… funny finding you finding me here