1. Tears in Dust

From the recording Idle Hands

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Tears in Dust

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did we move too fast?
did we move too slow?
looking back on all our yesterdays I don’t know
if tomorrow will come or if it won’t
if we’ll sink or if we’ll float
and who would be there to know
if we all go up in smoke
like the dream I had with your long black hair
storming all around me in the hot dry air
your tears in dust making paths so clear
they led me into acting like I had no fear
of the fate I knew that we’d both soon meet
looking back on all our yesterdays it seems to me
that the truth was there the whole damned time
we just didn’t wanna recognize
the elephant standing in the room
the lid we’d push over our own tomb
we watched the sun slowly fade away
and I held you like an anchor
through the clouds and waves
I kissed you hard whispered in your ear
that I loved you but I know you couldn’t hear
over wind and rain and planes and bombs
forgive me love for I’ve done wrong
to think we’d live forever young
but the truth and consequence caught up to us
a generation caught
in the crossfire and shot
but thinking we’re not