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If I Could Buy You

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girl, if I could buy you I would buy you so bad
use you for a month and take you back
to the shop you’re from
and get my money back
cause I can not afford you
and that’s why I want you so bad

thing, for a moment I forgot you were there
it’s getting harder to pretend like I care
but the harder I try the more I am becoming aware
that if this curtain were drawn
all you’d find is despair

who owns you?
who - who - who owns - you?
who owns?

sex is just another way of sealing a deal
an hour of your labor I steal
and if it helps you sleep
then fuck it we can call it real
but what difference does it make
if it’s only skin that we feel?

who owns you?
who - who - who owns - you?
who owns?

I have got a hole I’ve been trying to fill
as if you couldn’t tell
how I learned it from the best
fulfillment is to buy and to sell
so I pawned off god
but I could never shake the hell

who owns you?