1. Tables Turn

From the recording Idle Hands

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Tables Turn

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someone to share with
someone to care for
someone whose there for you
when you don’t know what you’re here for
is that too much to ask?
too much to need?
am I too much for you like it’s starting to seem?

how the tables turn
how the tables turn
just a month ago you were saying the same words
now I’m on my knees
I got time to beg and plead
and I’m begging you
please please please please

learning to compromise
learning patience
made it almost thirty years without ever really waiting
there are many things I put you through
now all of the chickens are coming back home to roost

how the tables turn
how the tables turn
just a year ago I was watching you burn
every bridge back
to the one you love
now I’m the one who you’re running from

how the tables turn…